What differentiates business with greater impact and success? Generally, it is the way in which they are managed and their future projection. Make the most of the processes, practices and continuous assessment to help your business to evolve in a constant, efficient and successful way. Over 15 years inspiring business and promoting its development through a method for evolution.



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How works?

Our world is changing and we are increasingly aware of it. This new era of evolution has led us to reconsider new priorities and to determine what is the real road to satisfaction and professional development. By discovering and feeding the real benefits of intellectual richness we will be able to evolve.

A reliable brand with solid values establishes with time and effort, through processes that guarantee success. To choose innovative solutions helps to keep the spirit of a brand, overcoming initial expectations and going for new and better challenges.

We invite you to discover new ways of evolution by creating your own work methodology.

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Do you want to be different?

Think, analyze and execute each process differently. We faithfully believe that revolutionary ideas are born out of disruptive processes that cost traditional methods.

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Ideas taste better in the morning


We believe ideas taste better in the morning and, therefore, we want you to join us in our consultancies, where closeness and good coffee will be the common denominator.


By joining this new format of consultancy you will be able to grow as a brand and as a person; in a morning full of great atmosphere and synergies of work you will find innovative ideas to grow. You will be able to talk to our team of cross-sectional consultants, we will work and design strategies for development under the work methodology of Cyclical Branding®.



speed branding

Two heads think better than one


The most valuable asset of a company is its brand, and its correct management, development and implementation lead to evolution.


This format of agile consultancy will let you internalize and deeply understand the 360º-degree environment of this cross-sectional method and its business benefits. To do so, you will be able to have five meetings, with five specialized consultants, during five minutes (with each consultant). As a consequence, you will get overall feedback for the five modules of the cyclical branding method (global strategy, corporate identity, retail and spatial identity, product design, service design and team management and training), which will enable you to evolve your brand experience.

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training for the team

Your goals closer, trains your team


We know brands are made by people and, therefore, to qualify them is a key factor of our methodology. A brand’s team is a crucial part of it and in order for the brand to become successful and coherent, it is a must to work transversely on every aspect of the shopping experience.


We qualify the “actors” that bring the brand experience to life, through methodological data-collection and analysis tools in dynamic and inspiring training sessions. These growth sessions have the aim of creating group synergies, and we can hold them in our BDCN Center of Excellence or at your headquarters.



Center of excellence

A space for growth, development and business enhancement, which will enable you to foster the capabilities of your company.


Advance training

We have a team of consultants trained and working actively as designers involved in the business world, which will help you find the best solution for your business.

Our experiences determine our personal brand and define where we come from and where we want to go. This is our essence: different cultures and talents that converge in the same space to merge knowledge, providing a global and local way of thinking to each and every one of our clients.

Inspiring the vision of people is our main objective, and this has led us to create specialized programs in which we offer visionary people, tools based on innovation with which they can establish a new strategic process, different and disruptive under a methodology that adapts to the social context, with the aim of growing brands.



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