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For us, «branding» is the power that each organisation has, to bring a positive impact to people’s lifes.

At brandcelona® we understand our work, specialised in health design, so that organisations develop their full potential through branding and have a positive impact on people’s lifes.

We are glad to present one of our latest projects in branding, designed for @dragofarmacia‘s health space.
Our studio, based in Barcelona and London, used a neutral chromatic palette with notes of metallic colours to reflect the landscape, culture and social environment, where the concept of health, beauty and well-being of customer service is approached holistically. At the same time it stimulates the appearance of glosses and light effects to communicate the premium features of the services and chosen product brands in this detailed space.

This is how Drago Farmacia creates an immersive retail experience for all the senses!

Brand development

The corporate identity is worked from 0 starting with the conceptualization, graphic elements, applications, and space, always looking for this link between humanity and nature, from sustainable materials, colours that convey safety, health and confidence. Where a close and personalised treatment achieves the greatest comfort for the users.

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The whole design of the space is a sensorial response to the convenience of e-commerce and the conventional pharmacy. This would turn Drago Farmacia into an experiential destination, by elevating the senses and expanding the potential of design in its physical store, its delicate service and its deep knowledge.

Javier Britto trusted our talent from the very beginning to develop an immersive brand experience that would be a reference, fully understanding the principle that a brand is not a mere tool, but a whole process of corporative, cultural and personal transformation. A good brand develops a series of attributes in the user’s imagination allowing them to remember, differentiate and connect emotionally with the business and the experience proposal. If we find ourselves constantly competing on product culture instead of differentiation, it’s time to think about brand culture. By creating a unique brand identity for their business, we reflect about what you stand for and how we want customers to feel when they interact with the brand. Thus, Javier and Ma Ángeles, at the head of the family, took control of the future growth of the organisation and the ultimate success of the brand.

We would like to share with you some conclusions of the immersive sensorial design experience to communicate value, knowledge and service developed in Drago Farmacia:

A good brand always connects with the emotion of the user. The product culture will only allow us to connect with the price.
A good brand will make us visible. The product culture makes us invisible and does not allow us to differentiate ourselves.
A good brand always offers us a long-term promise. The product culture offers us a story about short-term profits.


Valuing your brand and developing it allows you to lead the long-term evolution of your business.

The brand is the most important asset of a company. Having it connected to your team, stakeholders and clients, will allow you to develop effective communication strategies.

Your brand is your identity. If you don’t actively develop it, someone else will do it for you, and it will be harder to differentiate yourself.

Brandcelona® Healthcare is very proud to have designed this entire immersive brand sensory experience for Grupo El Drago. Its new corporate purpose articulates its legacy of commitment to the people, communities and society of La Línea de la Concepción.