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The Basque Country on your palate


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Zooteek has been serving up creative, Basque-created products

while continually redefining the food experience to reflect its customers’ maturing tastes. Embodying its mantra to “Basque Country to the United Kingdom” the company is no stranger to innovation. The luxury food and beverages sector has evolved and now, more than ever, brands need to be more dynamic and easily recognisable to be competitive in the UK market demanding more exclusive food experiences.

Desarollo de marca

It was with this challenge that it engaged Brandlond®. Our objective was simple: to help Zooteek claim a leading role in this digital revolution and to create an iconic look with its signature, and clear personality.

We started with an exploration of the UK market that we know well, deciding on a visual graphic style of this beloved icons. But simplification doesn’t mean generic, bland or undifferentiated. By joining chained the two O, this instantly recognisable shape can now be used with an endless array of patterns, textures and images.We then paired the icon with a simpler, more approachable and more modern expression of the typography. From digital channels to advertising, catalogues and beyond, the chacteristic choosed font heightens legibility across all touchpoints.

The new design celebrates the brand’s personality and singular procedence with a fresh new palette of a vibrant colour application.

The logo marks the beginning of a new era for Zooteek, which the company pioneers new Basque food experiences and pursues its growth plan to become a scalable brand soon. The leitmotiv, ‘The Basque Country on Your Palate,‘ communicates Zooteek’s main objective:to bring Basque tradition, culture, and cuisine to the United Kingdom, using its best resources to offer the highest quality to its customers.»

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