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Urban | Vensalud Group

A new way of more digital, versatile and fresh communication.


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Evolution, maturity, movement, personality and essence are the Urban brand.

The development of this campaign was born with the aim of presenting a change of paradigm in the pharmaceutical sector. Through this communication movement we found a way that the Vensalud Group needed, and thanks to the trajectory of its brand and team they could assume with all the challenges it presents.

Urban is born under the concept of health in urban environments and lifestyles. This manifesto brings the idea of change and the need to adopt a daily message to the audience, looking for communication adapted to today’s society. Urban is the path we are building thanks to the notion of liquid experience that we have been working on in publicity for the healthcare sector.

What does our life in cities look like? This is the question that answers this lifestyle called Urban by Vensalud Group. This campaign has an omnichannel strategy that took life in the form of a broad theme such as: music, culture, sport, pets, gastronomy, art, among many others, which in the same way towards a symbiosis between product, service and lifestyle.

Brand development

Urban must represent the essence of the cities and the people who live in them, therefore, we developed a clear, powerful and direct communication style. We endowed it with character and movement, which would make a special contrast with traditional pharmacy communication and open up the opportunity to create a new, more digital, versatile and fresh way of communication.

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