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IA Pharmacy. Gavà Mar

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Farmàcia IA by Ibánez Farmàcia. An exploration of our evolving relationships with healthcare brands. Nature, Science and Service.

True healthcare exclusivity goes beyond excellence: it is about finding something unique and unrepeatable. So, we had to create a bespoke concept that would elevate our distinguished selection of high-end pharmacies.

A collection of emotional experiences.

At Brandcelona® Healthcare, we designed this space as a collection of emotional brand user journey – a complete brand experience that proposes a sensorial journey tailored to each user.

We defined a new global brand positioning and visual identity, enveloping the brand in a new concept of mediterranean lifestyle that goes beyond the conventional to seek new meanings for exclusivity and authenticity, adapting to each client and moment.

Brand development

Development of a brand with its own character, striking a balance between digital and physical environments.

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The brand becomes a curator of sublime experiences and the digital content in the shopwindow acts as a true collector’s gallery, that puts the user at the centre of an unparalleled digital experience, inviting them on an immersive journey: an emotional exploration of their possible wellness sensations based on visual stimuli. “A community looking to connect with their environment.”

Retail to be lived- Discover brand experiences you were not looking for, but once you know them, you will always want to explore them again.

The curious thing about desires is that they tend to be fulfilled. Disconnect, enjoy this new retail pharmacy concept that we calmly design with natural materials of the area and all its beauty offers you with amazing healthcare solutions before returning to the wildest of the hyper-connected life. We make that mediterranean feeling a reality.

The design of our signature pharmacy in Gavà Mar, Barcelona, reflects the duality of mediterranean lifestyle. Local, natural materials with smooth and rough finishes are juxtaposed, illustrating the landscape’s simultaneous softness and severity. Natural stone is used to accent countertops and walls: the matte copper gleam effects create a warm tactility, recalling the shimmer of sunlight.

The space combines functionality and form within this framework—from cosy nooks nestled into furniture walls, to a natural wild counter that reflects the luminosity of the mediterranean sea and faces the copper wall that embraces the welcoming guests.

All the elements designed for the users journey, are the final culmination of the impactful, memorable and easily recognisable brand digital narrative that we communicate in the sides of the central furniture. This sublimely solves the shopwindow design and communicates the new values of the healthcare retail.