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Safety in motion was born with the objective to create a community that bets for innovation and disruption in the world of security.

Including from consultancy, design, technology and constant audit. A sector that leaves behind the traditional locksmith world to evolve towards becoming one of the pioneer companies in the security sector.

The aim to create this brand was to generate strong links between professionals of the sector that share the same vision of the future and innovation in their profession. Brands, that are like people, refect values, passions and styles. Each of the professionals that coexist in this community share an emotional bond that can overcome any professional, economic and legal relationship. Be clear that the brand has to communicate both to the outside and the inside, every corporate fundament was a big challenge for the strategic development. A Brand that includes a big transformation towards exponential growth in a short period of time.

Brand development

Safety in motion brand is considered as the cornerstone and origin of the entire universe that orbits around and was born as an attitude mark crowned by the leit motive “Our attitude”, wich is responsable for transmitting the importance of thelink and personal and professional involvement in it.


And it is that the brands of the SXXI must be based on values ​​and attitudes, but in a more tangible stage of the brand we find 3 work areas strategically developed in which the constant collaboration between client and brandcelona® has been essential to maintain the coherence of the same. The 3 strategic areas are: product, space and training.

Each of these areas has its own designed identity and strategy. It’s as important to know how to creat a Brand as to know how to manage it throughout his life, and it is that a good brand with a bad strategy of evolution and communication will never help us to approach success.

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As the Brand has been evolving, degress of analysis and categorizations have emerged that give rise to new peripheral evidences –what we call applications and products- making this brand is constantly evolving. A good structure is what has allowed SAFETY IN MOTION® to be a very powerful corporative brand that responds to the expectations created with its promise, and that recently has received the National Award The Supplement to the best franchise.

At the product level, the INN SOLUTIONS® brand was designed with “Intelligent security in constant movement” as leit-motive. Within the product brand, the differentiation between products of the Basic, Pro and Smart range was generated, offering a subjective purchase security and sales discourse. A part of the product range also design a sequential identity for each of them providing a suitable recognition for any final client inexperienced in the subject. This strategy also supports a more conscious and close purchase. Within the product area there are seals that certify a minimum of product quality reaching to show the patent of the designed product. This last resource reinforces the credibility of the INN SOLUTIONS® brand as a qualified reference to value other brands and endorse professional knowledge


INN SOLUTIONS with the main idea to show "Intelligent security in constant movement"

The space is strategicaly designed to create a global image and a memorable shopping experience. Through the SECURITY POINT – term coined to refer to the flagship store of Safety in Motion – the values of the Brand get transmitted. At the same time, in the product scope there are also different degrees of involvement with the brand that result in differentiation at the level of square meters and investment can find Gallery, Shop or Corner spaces. A continuous audit of look & feel guarantees a constant updating of all of them.

In the training area, the CAMPUS PLANNEA® brand has been designed to support any training activity of the company towards itself or towards the open professional sector. Within the different areas of the campus that have been appearing according to the growing needs we find PLANNEA SAPIENS that welcomes formations in master format that certify that the person who has completed them is trained with a level of knowledge in security that endorses it as XPERT CONSULTANT. As you can see the relationship between training-person-space generates different degrees of evolution in these same 3 pillars.

The constant innovation of the company in a training and product level makes the Brand undergo a transformation and tenacious evolution without ever losing the srtategic vision of SAFETY IN MOTION® “Our attitude”.

The role developed by brandcelona®  with this client not only has been to conceptualize and to design all the strategy together with the growth of the client in a constant challenge but also accompany in the growth and to ensure that these concepts are interiorize not only by the directive but also by the team. With days dedicated to brandcoaching whith the whole community (partners, franchisees, dealers, technical team, commercial team …) we instill brand values by participating in all the changes and internalizing the importance of storytelling coherence. A good and up-to-date team formation in the brand’s speech is a sure approach to the success of the company.