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The Primavera Pack is an original box-seeder made only with cardboard.

It’s also a new tool for both the farmer and the botanist market and respects the environment absolutely because it is biodegradable. The Spring Pack won the “World Star of Packaging” award.

The environmental aspects everytime have more importance in the material choice to produce packaging and containers. To get to know the impact in all the phases of a material’s life, meaning its production, transportation, consumption, recovery and/or its final disposal, it’s essential to generate a circular economy that allows top pay attention to prevention, reduction and minimization if the packaging to achieve the “zero waste”  objective.

The Pack Primavera’s concept consists in create a cardboard packaging that contains in its interior fertilizar and seeds, allowing to plant and resettlement of specific species, while encouraging promotional campaigns in favor of the environment and enable a logistics system to give more agility in the tracking and transportation of the seeds. . Taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the material in terms of environmental respect and logistics.

The packaging design is formaly based on the functional minimization of it, as this packaging is thought to be introduced in the earth. There are 3 lateral “wings” that tear when the packaging gets into the earth, facilitating the entrance of the earth in the packaging, that with the natural fertilizer stimulates the growth of the seeds in the perfect conditions.

The packaging itself allows the protection and preservation of the seed as well as the graphic application according to communication needs, in addition to an efficient distribution during transport.

The superior perforation for the growth of the plant and its null adverse impact on the environment in the process of planting and growth of the tree make the Primavera Pack lend in the totality of its functional route a better service and experience to the user.

Once the seed is planted, the packaging will allow the perfect growth of it as the packaging has organic fertilizer of slow release that provides all the nutrition and ventilation the plant needs. The use of cardboard for the packaging design allows us that, given the excellent qualities of the material, the packaging itself biodegrades in the environment without causing any damage to the fauna and flora of the place.

The structural design of the packaging provides an easy penetration into the earth without structural deformations and through stamps on the walls let the proper tear of the wings for the perfect growth of the seed. Its volumetrics characteristics allow to create a serie of positive stimuli with a clear publicitary and differentiating impact in the consumer as recognition Brand or certain values, social, cultural, in addition to fulfilling perfectly with its functions.