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Vensalud Group

We care for your life: Intangibles, emotions and expectations.


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This project located on Avenida Galicia in Oviedo, is characterized by being a pharmacy where human value is the main concept.

Taking into account that in the XXI century the needs are replaced more than with products, with intangibles, this pharmacy generates an experience of attention to the user, thus changing the role of the pharmacist of the past.

«Man has a beautiful gift: life; and this, from all perspectives, must be taken care of and preserved so that humanity can follow with firm steps in this world. »

Brand development

Farmacia América is part of the Vensalud Group, a group of pharmacies born with a vocation of care and delivery to the innate patient, who after several decades of work is embodied in three spaces for the care of our life in the province of Asturias.

Each of the spaces shares the same vision of generating an experience beyond the tangible, in order to transform the concept of health into something much more transversal and profound than the acquisition of medicines. That is why these brand values have been transferred to the corporate strategy, focusing efforts on six care perspectives in order to offer a 360º experience: natural, infant, sports, integral, nutritional and dermocosmetic care.

Through a unique materialization and the application of different materials, unconventional when speaking of pharmacies, we have created a close and trusting atmosphere with the user, which invites us to enjoy the global experience.


The space is divided into three areas differentiated by uses. We welcome an original table-workshop framed in a space reserved to enjoy all kinds of experiences related to cosmetics, beauty and comprehensive care. Here the experts share their knowledge, time and dedication unlinked any promotional intention.

This product-free space gives all the prominence to the professional and its rigor and also has a personalized service desk where you can personally attend each case and look for the most appropriate care solution.

The central skeleton of the space is conveyed by a careful product exhibition that favors the self-service allowing the user to have freedom of movement, thus facilitating the purchase is agile and versatile. If we continue to enter the space, the experience culminates with a large collection counter and medication dispensing, which favors the user’s rotation avoiding the annoying queues.

As was typical of the past, the pharmaceutical market focused clearly on the product, including quantity and quality. However, despite the fact that it is still relevant today, the use of elements that separate us from this mercantilist activity has evolved the concept of buying and selling, relating it much more to the individual’s own experience and emotions. And without a doubt, this cross between the promise of the brand and the expectation of the user will be the final factor of loyalty.