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Almería me define | Terranea Pharmacy

Communication of the environment and proximity to the people.


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"The more sincere the stories are, the more impactful they become"

is the main focus from which we decided to give life to this new campaign for Farmacia Terranea. 

What a grand privilege it is to represent and communicate the essence of Almeria, a radiant environment of joy allowed us to build a strategic discourse that had to be composed under two fundamental axes: communication of the environment and proximity to the people. 

Any communication campaign must generate links between brands and people. Branding applied to corporate environments is the vehicle that allows and specialises in creating relationships beyond transactions.

“Almeria defines me” is the concept for this campaign that will accompany Farmacia Terranea for a year. For this annual strategy, we represented all those disciplines, materials and elements that make up the essence of what we know as Almeria. It will talk about the skills for centuries-old disciplines such as ceramics and saddlery, which over the years have lost their importance but make up the human and cultural fabric of this social environment. We can also see represented the various materials such as marble, esparto grass and sand, which are so characteristic and unique to this Spanish region.

Brand development

We created a brand with the intention of being an attitudinal seal, which is born from the four cardinal points and becomes an element that accompanies the meaning of the leading brand.

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The desire to communicate this social, cultural and demographic environment aims to generate the link of the “Slow Care” philosophy of Farmacia Terranea to its environment and obviously generate a campaign capable of generating corporate, inspirational and commercial links. 

The campaign has an omnichannel approach, this means that we work in both physical and digital environments, we seek to give movement to each message, which is why each month goes along with a video that kicks off the monthly theme.

Almeria is defined by sounds, colours, textures and experiences. Our main objective with this campaign is to give voice to all these small nuances that we often do not value in our daily lives, and that through this campaign create a visual identity for an entire region. “Almería defines me”, and you?