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El viaje De Egeria

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.


  • El viaje De Egeria


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Egeria was a lady from El Bierzo in the 4th century who wrote the first travel account in epistolary format.

She wrote in a fresh and testimonial way about her fatiguing pilgrimage trip to the Holy Land. A long journey through the end of the Roman Empire, she lived and narrated from the perspective of a singular, curious and determined woman. Egeria toured Constantinople and the biblical settings of Jerusalem, Egypt, Sinai and Mesopotamia, taking note and taking an interest in everything she saw.

Brand development

Brand development that structures visual communication at a strategic level and that contemplates a strategic identity for the product line in an omnichannel environment and that aims to be the axis of communication.


The beauty of the landscape, the sensitivity of its message and the purpose of Egeria’s journey come together in a line of products that carefully combines ingredients from El Bierzo with other more exotic ones from her journey through the Holy Land.

We would like to invite you to discover the line of products ‘El Viaje de Egeria’, where we pay homage to this lady of the 4th century who made a personal and introspective journey through the Middle East. This packaging line evokes that entrepreneurial, free and lively spirit.

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Farmacia El Bierzo, led by Marta Rodríguez Tato, applies different active ingredients to its formulas, uniquely chosen with the utmost care for their exceptional quality. Proximity ingredients from El Bierzo itself, perfectly combined with other more exotic ones that Egeria found on her trip.

‘El Viaje de Egeria’ is a line of ecological, enriched and local cosmetics that, together with its line of food supplements, offers a complete sensory experience of beauty, health and well-being.