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Grupo Coll is a family company with extensive experience in the real estate sector.

This being the pillar brand, it is divided into 4 sub-brands that will form part of this organisation of the Del Pozo Coll family.

Starting with Construcciones Industriales de Llanera SA and Rafael Del Pozo Coll SL, two wealth management and financial investment companies.

Following with The Unkempt Houses SL, which is the youngest company of the brand that encompasses them, and which focuses on tourism in Asturias, being an area with great potential in terms of real estate and tourism.

Llanes is probably one of the best places to invest in real estate, not only because of the attraction of the place, but also because of the diversity of potential users. That is why the Del Pozo brothers are once again committed to real estate development with this new project and company. Las Terrazas del Cubo SL.

Brand development

Each of these brands has its own corporate identity, being all united under the same Heritage Brand, Grupo Coll.

Taking into account the family and heritage concept of the company, we have decided to design a brand based on simplicity, using one main element as the core and link between the companies. The L of Coll, is the frame and base of the 4 brands, reaching the Mother brand, Coll Group.

With the aim of generating impact and differentiation, Grupo Coll works with a chromatic code that attracts attention in the different applications such as canvases, which are used in the promotions under construction. The corporate colour symbolises strength, emotion, evolution and future. Three very important values for the founders of the brand.