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Boulevard Pharmacy

The intangible value of a brand.


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Located in Arroyomolinos, Madrid, Boulevard stands out as a pharmacy based on experiences, leaving behind the concept of a store-that-sells-medicine.

Until now, this premise was the main characteristic of XX century’s pharmacies, but Boulevard belongs to a new model centered in the services and users’ necessities from the XXI century.

Boulevard Pharmacy is a space dedicated to the individual’s experience, based in innovation and development of user prioritized aspects: health, beauty and wellness.

Brand development

Through a rigurous conceptualization process of the brand Boulevard and its corporate strategy, Boulevard’s values are translated into the space through the SoftPharmacy™ service (BoulevardSkinSpa™BoulevardClass™ and BoulevardLab™) generating an efficient and optimal route for the customers, which pivots around the SkinSpa table of experiences, the pharmacy’s wow effect.


This new pharmacy style invites its users to feel happy, healthy and beautiful, in accordance with Boulevard’s philosophy: engaging into the best care through a humane and professional treatment and offering a high quality customer service.

In order to enrich the user experience, Boulevard decided to translate its presence into the world 2.0 and due to time being a very much valued good, Marc Guitart Strategic Brand Management developed the concept of Instant Pharmacy™, a service, which permits the users to place their orders through an app, choosing the pick-up time at the pharmacy, thus eliminating the annoying queues and improving the shopping process.

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