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Atarazana Pharmacy

Visual, verbal, attitudinal and experiential translation.


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“The great historic cities are coastal cities. Creators of routes, and at the same time, created by them, they are gateways to continents and pioneers of culture.”

We are excited to present one of our latest projects at brandcelona® under our methodology Cyclical Branding®, the design we have made for @atarazanafarmacias; a new brand positioning, identity, style, digital and visual language under the great concept of providing scientific rigour to the pharmacy’s retail.

Brand development

The new brand of Atarazana Farmacias is the visual, verbal, attitudinal and experiential translation of a promise in its new health space.


For us, branding is the power that each organisation has to positively impact people’s lives. It is defining a strategy, establishing a direction and finding a way to convert them into business growth. By establishing the pillars on which to build the brand, its style and its experience, it provides a clear roadmap that drives everything a brand does. Branding is the ultimate visual, verbal and experiential translation of a promise, turning positioning and personality into a living experience that connects a brand with its audience at every point of contact.

Rigour, expertise and soul is the motto of this brand as a strategic basis for positioning and differentiation. Pharmacies in general have an important challenge in the 21st century and that is knowing how to differentiate themselves from each other, since they all share a cross, a graphic sign that appears as a pharmacy and a pharmacist wearing a white coat. And it is through powerful storytelling consistently related with its location, context and purpose that we manage to differentiate ourselves from recurring spaces.


Atarazana Farmacias is committed to a lifestyle that connects with its users through its values, purpose and communication. This message materialises through a deep coherence of materials linked to corporate storytelling.

Materials such as ropes, wood, natural stone and the care of their natural finishes are enhanced in a harmonious space that helps us enjoy daily personal care with an image and impeccable health knowledge.

This experiential journey becomes a pleasant walk in which to enjoy each of the specific areas for healthcare and specialisation. Starting with a central island with a floating product exhibition that welcomes us and welcomes us with constant activities and experiences that detach us from the commercial routine and provide us with knowledge, ending with several personalised attention desks where we can talk with specialists.

“The great historic cities are coastal cities. Creators of routes, and at the same time, created by them, they are gateways to continents and pioneers of culture.” In the same way that cities with a coastal identity are plural, complex and hybrid, Atarazana Farmacias was born to approach health from the interconnection of disciplines, tools and knowledge. Combining tradition and avant-garde to sign history and future.