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Pedro Bernardo

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Pedro Bernardo’s olive groves are special.

They are sttled, singularly, at 806 metres above sea level on the southern slope of Sierra de Gredos protected from the noth’s icy winds. Sierra de Gredos is part of the Iberian Central System and its height ranges from the base of its mountains at 400 metres above sea level to 2600 of its highest peak.

To develop a packaging that identifies and represents in a unique and differentiated way the oil coming from the region of Avila. All this following the nuances of a family of products, which allow to identify each one of them individually and therefore work together, which in the same way follow the storytelling extracted from the product and the area that produces it, this as a valuable tool that generates a differentiated strategy.

Brand development

Creation and positioning of packaging strategies through the development of visual and verbal communication.


It has been proclaimed a Site of Community Importance and also a special area for bird protection, so it is very common to have frequent birds sightings from any of its corners, like the golden eagle, the black stork or the kingfisher.

This gift from the Cenozoic period had created a brilliant valley nourished by the thawing and the rains called Valle de Tiétar in Avila that has a special microclimate of mild temperatures throughtout the year.

And this peculiarity gives the olives a fruity and intense flavour and a characteristic mountain color.

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