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El Faro Unkempt Houses

A space defined by sensations, not by words.


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El Faro Unkempt is a project born out of the great admiration for nature, the environment and lifestyle of the well-known Asturian village of Tazones.

With its long history as a whaling village, full of culture, art and history, we wanted to honour it by creating an experience full of emotion, sensitivity and closeness to the sea.

This multi-sensory space is enriched thanks to the connection of warm atmospheres, surrounded by the peace transmitted by the contrast of the Asturian hills with the strength of the Cantabrian sea. We build this experience in a simple and sincere way, seeking to captivate the soul of each person who enters this carefree place that is only in search of serenity.

Brand development

El Faro Unkempt is a concept that is created to be defined by sensations not by words, it is about finding that link, that emotion or that memory that allows you to connect your soul with the nature that surrounds you.

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