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Knowledge, Community, Advice.


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Advice, Knowledge and Community as exponential growth.

The pharmaceutical sector works with a very systematic praxis to communicate the services. They usually offer commercial campaigns, many of which lack a common thread, do not have their own identity (and can be extrapolated to other businesses in the sector, i.e. to the same competition) and are focused on a product and price culture that does not meet the standards or needs of a current user. 

Users want to feel identified and form part of a brand or business. Should campaigns therefore be identity-based and form part of a collective?

We are committed to a business model where the values and principles that a brand possesses are well communicated, relieving all bets to focus all communication campaigns on the wonders that a product or service can offer.

Brand development

CCC was born from the need to generate an annual commercial campaign with its own identity that aims to offer solutions and make Farmacia Imperial a reference health centre in Valladolid.

With the product being an anecdotal value, the monthly campaign focuses on three strategic concepts: Advice, Knowledge and Community. Using these pillars as a common thread and conveyed by an omnichannel language, the campaign offers users a campaign that aims to interact and offer solutions to a community of users who are loyal to their trusted pharmacist.

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