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Since ancient times man has acquired great skills in the care and preparation of food.

In Águila we follow this custom to obtain handmade and local products that are in perfect harmony between tradition and the avant-garde.

This family business proposed us the challenge of reinterpreting the typical vision of a butcher’s shop, where at a strategic level we had to include new collaboration channels for Zurgena’s kilometre zero products that could enrich the brand’s vision, where the product was the vehicle from which knowledge and gastronomic experiences would be channelled.

We retouched the typography in height to create a horizontal line that will again emphasize the symbol. To this work we added a leitmotif with a capital letter to generate an emotional value directly linked to the brand.

We generated a graphic resource through pictograms to work on the category.

Brand development

Through a very consolidated typography (Helvetica) and with a very good resolution we worked on this proposal that we came to conceptualize with a totally pregnant symbol and easy to recognize.