Center of excellence

A space for growth, development and business enhancement, which will enable you to foster the capabilities of your company.


Center of excellence

The BDCN center of excellence is a space, where we want to offer you the best training sessions for you and your team.

This center of excellence, innovation and strategic development is a space focused on the development and the implementation of the Cyclical Branding® as a work methodology. The space has been designed and equipped to offer dynamic and efficient solutions to businesses from the 21st century, brands looking for evolution through successful business models based on design of experiences.

A team of professional and passionate consultants approach all areas of branding through new models of consultancy, more agile and inspiring which end up providing successful solutions. To develop these competences is the main tool for reaching success, and brandcelona® stands by you during the whole process.




We work with an international vision in design positioned in the strategic development of the business to make them evolve.

The objective of this center of excellence is to offer you a wide range of viable solutions for you, your team and your business. The training and the constant updating of concepts will enable you to make a projection and to develop a long lasting tracking of your brand. The Yellow community team will accompany, guide and adivise you during the whole process of development, by helping you to implement and understand the cyclical movement of constant evolution. To do so, we implement a gradual process of strategic phases within a successful and reliable methodology, which enables us to draw the path to business success.

We think that the path through success is marked by the abilities that need to be trained and at the Center of Excellence we provide you the tools and the company to travel it through efficient and innovative work methodologies in a space that will help to inspire your vision.


Advance training

We have a team of consultants trained and working actively as designers involved in the business world, which will help you find the best solution for your business.

Our experiences determine our personal brand and define where we come from and where we want to go. This is our essence: different cultures and talents that converge in the same space to merge knowledge, providing a global and local way of thinking to each and every one of our clients.

Inspiring the vision of people is our main objective, and this has led us to create specialized programs in which we offer visionary people, tools based on innovation with which they can establish a new strategic process, different and disruptive under a methodology that adapts to the social context, with the aim of growing brands.



Center of excellence

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