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Boulevard pharmacy

Experience's space

Boulevard Pharmacy Brand is based on innovation and user need’s development, such as: health, beauty and wellness. This new style of pharmacy invites its users to feel happy, healthy and beautiful, according to Boulevard Pharmacy philosophy: to deepen in better cares through a humanely and professional treatment, offering a high quality client’s attention.

“We believe life is better if you choose to take care of yourself. Our priority is to deepen in the best cares to reach our biggest potential and to get the best of life. We cheer people to explore and leanr how a new pharmay style can help it to feel healthy, happy and beautiful”


The challenge of Boulevard Pharmacy is intrinsic to its methodology: bet on a disruptive Know-How in the pharmacy’s world. The space is conceptualized as a tool to potentiate the brand experience, creating innovative spaces and services for selfcare.


Brand universe creation in a strategic way that contemplates omnichannel strategic identity, applitacions, furniture and retail as corporate training for the team.

Located in Arroyomolinos, Madrid. Boulevard Pharmacy stands out for being a pharmacy based on the experiences, leaving behind the medicine seller store concept. This premise was until now  the main characteristic of pharmacies during century XX, but Boulevard belongs to a new model that focus on the services and the xx century user’s needs.

Boulevard Pharmacy is a space dedicated to the user’s experience, base don innovation and development of aspects that the user prioritizes: health, beauty and wellness. Through a rigorous process of conceptualizating the Brand Boulevard and its corporate strategy, all the Brand values go to the retail space through SoftPharmacy (BoulevardSkinSpa, BoulevardClass and BoulevardLab), creating an afficient and optimum path for the clients, that pivotates around the experience table SkinSpa, the wow effect of the pharmacy.

Health, beauty and wellness, the most important for Boulevard pharmacy

To enrich the user’s experience, Boulevar bets to move its presential experience to the 2.0 world, due to the fact that time is a scarce commodity but very precious, Brandrid develops the Instant Pharmacy concept, a service that allows users to do their orders through and app, choosing the pick up time at the pharmacy and deleting the waiting lines to improve the user’s experience and to ease the shopping process.

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