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Terranea pharmacy

Mediterranean essence

Farmacia Terranea’s brand was inspired by the Mediterranean essence as the fundamental basis of personal care. Through anchoring to the cardinal point we absorb all synergy linked to the Mediterranean character as an added value.

Mediterranean is light and color, flavors and aromas, eras and tendencies, history and daily life, ideas, but above all it is a culture.


The challenge of this brand is to bet on proximity, talent and Slow Care philosophy as a positioning and differentiating strategic base. In the 21st Century, pharmacies have a greater challenge of knowing how to differentiate from each other since they all share a cross, a label that puts pharmacy and a doctor in a white coat. And it is through a storytelling coherent with it’s location and context that we can get away from the recurring spaces.


Development of the brand universe in the strategic field of visual and spatial communication, which includes omnichannel strategic identity, applications, furniture and retail, as well as corporate training for the team.

Today, a brand must be linked -beyond any product or service- to a lifestyle that connects with its users for its values and its way of understanding the world.

Farmacia Terranea advocates the Mediterranean essence as the fundamental basis of personal care betting on the Slow Care philosophy: a way of understanding the personal care that arises in contrast to the frenetic pace that today trap us in traffic jams, multitasking and stress not allowing us to enjoy and savor the here and now.

Values ​​such as patience, concentration and dedication to detail are enhanced in a harmonious space that helps us enjoy the daily care that anyone needs. This rectangular space allows to enjoy a pleasant walk in which several specific areas are distinguished for each care and specialization. At the beggining we find an Andalusian patio that welcomes us and it recieves us with activities and experiences that take us out of the commercial routine and provide us with knowledge of this caring philosophy. To end up, there are several personalized attention points where we can talk with the specialist to understand our case.

Terranea Pharmacy is committed to a lifestyle and Mediterranean care that seeks balance between tradition and avant-garde

In the central area a large cosmetic table invites us to try, know and play with different brands, textures and products in a space of communion with water where the calmness, purity and transparency of the experience stands out above any promotional intention .

Terranea Pharmacy materializes its proximity and respect for the Mediterranean values through the use of rescued native techniques and materials such as esparto braiding or Anasol de Macael marble -one of the four most exquisite cipolino marbles in the world- applied to a counter welcome where they recieve us in the warmest way.

All the details and peripheral evidence around this experience breathe Mediterranean lifestyle, and that is, through coherence, how we promote the brand universe; Clothes ,paper bags and organic cotton clothing are a sign of the conscience and corporate social responsibility of this brand that advocates talent and proximity as a differentiating element.

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