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Vital confort

The silensis brand includes all construction systems made of brick walls and thermo-clay blocks that comply with the requirements of the technical building code in terms of acoustic insulation. 


A 2007 project that was born thanks to a new regulation about noise in homes in Spain, was the starting point for the project called silensis. The challenge was to create a brand that will communicate the main asset of this new product that reconfigured the way buildings are made.


Development of naming and brand.

Silensis is created in relation to the main benefit of the new type of brick and its new way of implementing it in the constructions. This brand is made with the aim of reconfiguring the vision of a simple brick in the construction sector, giving it a unique character and personality, for this, a sans serif typography was used with the aim of communicating to a new young brand that reconfigures the way of understanding construction.

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