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Lifestyle with experiences

Sensia was born under the premise of offering a different a memorable experience to its users, related to vision, hearing and less important, style care, because nowadays the user invests considerable time and resources in its lifestyle.


Its biggest challenge was differentiation and positioning as a space for sensitive care, beyond its medical side. Today, users no only buy sunglasess, they buy style and the way they show themselves to the world.

The retail space leaves the infinite catalogues to focus on the service and the close treatment thanks to a big table por personal attention that is the main component of the store.


Brand universe creation in a strategic way that contemplates omnichannel strategic identity, applitacions, furniture and retail.

Sensia’s Brand is created to the latin pronunciation of “sensatio” to stand out the sensation concept (as an impretion that a living being recieves when it stimulates its receiving organs), appealing to the sensitive experience of the user. Prioritizing ethereal concepts that empower the Brand experience to get rid of the product empowerment of the 21st century.

The brand traceability allows us to desplegate 3 bussines units that work hand by hand under the same concept: Sensia light for the visión health using the last technology to do tests of its kind, sensia sound, to offer personalized auditeve solutions that improve user’s life quality: and sensia style, to offer a selection of brands that empower the individuality, because as Coco Chanel once said: Fashion fades, only style remains the same.

This sencuentual strategy is impulsed by its owner and vehicled through its personal branding, where Cano, experts in well-being and trends”, gives form to the humanistic value of the brand.

Optical and auditory center with noble and living materials that enrich the brand experience.

The use of noble and lives matriales that are enrinching with the time, is the general base to the spatial and tangible of the brand. Pure volumes, attractive textures and made by size furniture determine a vanguard architectural space full of personality.

The space chosen to locate this optical and auditive center of the 21st century is a space with own personality, with singular elements and outstanding materials as Macael’s White marble. African Iroko Wood and lacquered Steel. A big hanging stair go through the space creating a special architectural volumen that allows the product exhibition, where method and aesthetic are related to the brand strategy.

Sensia’s Know-How needed a theatricalization of space to impulse the personalized attention and prioritizing the human aspects over the industrial ones. Because of that, 2 scenarios where designed to flatter the personal attention: a small living room where coffee is offer to start a need’s chat, and a big solid wood table that tuns the point of encounter in a place to share a enjoy the sensitive experience. The product is exhibited around a table creating a differentiating texture all over the perimeter of the store, to give to each element exhibited its own and detailed space to stand it out as unique and exclusive.

Experiences enriched with culture and history of proximity character

In addition, Sensia has its own brand of wines, because taste and smell must also be taken care of. Two types of grapes raised at a thousand meters of altitude in the Alpujarra of Almeria for the delight of the most exquisite palates allow us to enrich the shopping experience by offering a product of great cultural and historical richness with proximity character that encourages the local gastronomy.

Sensia fuses well-being, style and pleasure in the same space. An example today of a trade of tomorrow.

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