avant-garde and tradition

SEFAC aims to bring innovation, training and practical learning to the pharmacy sector. In this quest for excellence and distinction, SEFAC works under the clear idea that “Accompanying the pharmacy professional”. As a consequence of this objective, this scientific society is the bridge between pharmacists and professionals specialized in the diversity of products that help to grow the offer and efficiency of pharmacies.


To update the brand language that we were already working on with SEFAC. Seek to strengthen the positioning of the brand in the pharmacy business sector.



Creation of brand strategy and positioning through the development of visual and verbal communication.

The search for excellence is an arduous task born from curiosity and innovation. SEFAC asked our creative team for a new way to identify themselves strategically with their target audience, where the main task was to show their way of proceeding, more fresh and agile, this with the mission to show the new generations a more current and real vision of what a pharmacy is today and everything that encompasses it.

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