Agència de l’Habitatge

Citizen service agency

Agència de l’Habitatge de la Generalitat de Catalunya was the result of a restricted contest between 3 advertising and design agencies that we won. The assignment was to design a new identity for this agency and, from there, also design the citizen service agencies and their signage.


The hardest task was to structurate all the sub-brands that were created around the identity of the agency: observatori, registre, llarviva, etc… within a corporate framework that conceptualizes housing, beyond the individual dimensión, as a social need, wich affects the whole society, understanding it as a diversity of individuals that constitute a unit, and which, as the RAE affirms, they are grouped “in order to fulfill, through mutual cooperation, all or some of the ends of life”.


The result was the creation of an umbrella Brand that prioritizes the unity-diversity binomial reflected graphically in the multiplicity of points of different sizes forming the “h” in reference to “habitage” in close relationship with society.

The election of the circle as a vehicle for the graphic strategy is not arbitrary. It arises as a geometric form absent of edges, as something not typecast, that is not static if not dynamic – like society itself- and that remains in constant evolution, regeneration and progress.

Thus each circle represents each of the individuals that make up the society and constitutes the emblematic piece that defines the rest of the Brand universe.

The diversity concept wich is stablished as the inspiration for the entire Brand, is evident in different resources and aspects such as the difference in size and color in the circles or the different thicknesses of typography and its variation in family –with and without serifs -. Besides the enphasis in the young figure – as the most needed sector for a living – is evident not only in the linkage of the Brand with the new technologies through the similarity with the pixel sor LEDs of a screen, but also through the roundness of the typography – as to the hardness of the roman typehaces -, its construction in a low box and the structuring of the Brand obliquely and in powerful and vivid colors as a synonym of breaking the established rules.

The key to a good management and application of the Brand in different supports – space and applications – is that for its graphic characteristics results extrapolable to any kind of support with the particularity that the supoort itself can be the one that inspires the own corporate identity. Through the sequencing of the marks this aspect will be more or less ardous since a good decline enables us to extend the graphical universe based on a defined morphology and syntax. Codifying the signs and being able to grow the Brand is essential in the field of Brand management.

In this aspect, a complete communication language and positioning  was designed through the decline of the circle as the leading element of the campaign.

In addition to the construction of the Brand through a graphic code, this should be done on values and ideals and will be the intangibles of this one materialized in a specific way that generates a succesful positioning. The positioning of a brand lies in the installation of the company’s profile in its public, even in the case of the Catalan housing agency, even if it is a government entity, it is key, since in the end, everything is reduced Whether or not the public has a good image of the entity that supports it and can rely on it.

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