The cyclical branding® is a strategic methodology where we work with people who believe in change and are part of it; visionary people that want to learn how to be different, setting trends from unique brand experiences.



Brands are much more than a logotype. We offer a new way of thinking for universities, companies and designers.

It’s important to understand the difference between brands and logos to live this process. When we talk about brands, from the Cyclical Branding® perspective we consider them a business concept or an idea; it’s the combination of the spatial, human, technological and communication dimension that gives live, visibility and strategy to the commercial structure, and it’s also what really allows us to design a powerful and efficient business.

Settled in the age of knowledge where the concept of the linear evolution of things becomes obsolete, we find ourselves in a moment in which it is essential to understand that in the cyclical mentality of feedback we will find the learning to face new challenges in relation to any aspect of life. This idea of feedback is closely linked to the concept of circular economy and should be extrapolated to the world of brands and their universe, and therefore branding is no longer linear.


strategic mind

Our method is a cyclical process of strategic development that unites design as a tool to create businesses.

8 modules

This cyclical system consists on 8 fundamental strategic areas, from which a brand is created, developed and implemented, bearing in mind and taking into account every aspect that takes part in the development and growth of a brand with solid values and foundations.

Every module is presented as a solution to some strategic matters that have to be taken into account in order to generate a successful business for the 21st century. By adding more than 500 actions we speed up the path for evolution, to inspire your vision.



Projects adapted to a cyclical context of evolution with coherence and consequence.

We develop projects that transcend over time under a methodology that allows to establish cyclical management processes. Over time we have carried out a variety of projects in different sectors of the industry, which show us the great adaptability of this method, and its positive impact on each organization.

The brands we create and manage are based on innovation and development processes that allow us to establish stages of strategic changes. From our strategic area we believe in the constant and consistent evolution with the reality of the company with which we are working.



Strategic leader

How to be a Cyclical leader?

This method is a disruptive way of interpreting the environment, it’s a method of personal and business growth, and that’ s why it’s designed, and managed for visionary people who consider themselves agents of change, who promote growth based on a prospective, different and impactful thinking.

The Cyclical Branding® incorporates the best experiences as a company specialized in strategic brand leadership, which has gained through projects with clients from different business environments, providing content, tools and expertise based on several successful implementations.



Global impact in different environments, people and companies.

We made this brand a community, we are looking for visionary people who want to be part of our universe. We believe faithfully in the interdisciplinarity of communities, we believe that having a plurality of points of view, allows us to see better the international panorama.

We have used our methodology in workshops, consultancies, master classes and projects for various people and companies around the globe. We want people to be active participants in our way of understanding design.



Do you want to know how our methodology works? Let’s take a coffee!

Our methodology has been tested in several and various contexts and different business structures and sectors. Thanks to it, and based on our experience in these years implementing strategic processes of design, we have created our workshops in which we seek to explain in a didactic way our method of doing things.

Thinking, creating, designing and auditing are the stages in which we structure our workshops, theoretical-practical spaces where we test each strategic design decision.

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