By adding disruptive thoughts and methodologies to your strategy, you will add value to your business. In this program we will learn how to turn your brand into a liquid brand by creating groundbreaking strategies and processes.



An advanced program, specialized in disruptive brand management and its ability to adapt and its liquidity in environments from the 21st century.

The society that we are a part of is experiencing a great changeregarding its way of thinking, as it is in an ongoing search for becoming more fluid and omnipresent,but especially much more effective.



To improve your business model with a 360° strategy adapted to the market.

The Innovative Brandingprogram will allow us to go deeper into processes and disruptive methodologiesin a forward-looking vision to provide differentiation and memorability in an evolved society, focused on the 21st century.



A theoretical and practical program that will consolidate your brand's success.

The Innovative Branding Program is a program that takes place in 2 theoretical and practical sessions in 2 different cities as agreed citiesin that time, we offer 1 workshop at ourBDCN Center of Excellence and 1 Retail Tour in 1 city which will give us a strategic vision for every specific case.



To improve your business model with a 360° strategy adapted to the market.

Duration. In order to raise your abilities, we offer you this intensive program in 7 days or in 3 sessions in a month. In this time, you will become a stronger, more efficient and competitive. brand. All related to your future projection and the development of business objectives.

When? To start the Business Leadership program is easy. As it is a unique and specific activity, which can be customised, our team of consultants will be ready to start the sessions at any time; we only have to arrange some simple details and we can start!

Profile. This intensive program is intended for executives and groups of 2-20 professionals to help them to reach their goals and offer them complete and customised consultancy.

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