Business Leadership

Empowering people and understanding the cross-sectionality of a corporation will position the business as forward-looking. In this program, we will promote the combination of theatre-scenario-actor and we will work on the tools that take part in the shopping process to create unique and successful brands.



An advanced program, specialized in brand management and development in the 21st Century, under the premises of evolution, efficiency and ongoing impact.

The socio-economic scenario is changing and, thus, consumer’s desires and shopping behavior is also changing. The current market shows a special vision of such dynamics, as it collects, absorbs and is sensitive to new trends.




To improve your business model with a 360° strategy adapted to the market.

The Business Leadership Program consists of several intense work sessions, in which you will be able to understand and internalize branding as a 360-degree work strategy. This program has been developed to offer you successful ideas to help business strategic models to evolve, based on the close relationship between user-experience.



A theoretical and practical program that will consolidate your brand's success.

The Business Leadership program is a program that is developed in a certain number of sessions as agreed. In that time, we offer 3 workshops and 3 Retail Tours in 3 cities, starting with a training session at our BDCN Center of Excellence.




To improve your business model with a 360° strategy adapted to the market.

Duration. In order to raise your abilities, we offer you this intensive program in 7 days or in 3 sessions in a month. In this time, you will become a stronger, more efficient and competitive. brand. All related to your future projection and the development of business objectives.

When? To start the Business Leadership program is easy. As it is a unique and specific activity, which can be customised, our team of consultants will be ready to start the sessions at any time; we only have to arrange some simple details and we can start!

Profile. This intensive program is intended for executives and groups of 2-20 professionals to help them to reach their goals and offer them complete and customised consultancy.

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